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Shopping local is rewarding

Fact of the day #2: when we shop local we support our local economy. Our £ goes direct to the people in our town trying to build their own businesses and they in turn spend what they make locally and our money doesn't disappear into international companies and out of Southport. It also helps local entrepeneurs thrive and our town thrive as a result.

However, we, like you have a budget to manage and we know big business and online can be cheaper. We want to make shopping local rewarding for all and with this in mind we created our loyalty card. Free to sign up to, it offers discounts and promotions from great local businesses year round.

Simply get in touch and we will send you a card. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get up to date notices of the latest offers or offers of the week and start saving whilst you support our independents and discover those hidden gems!

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