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Create a spark this Valentines: Our guide to some alternative date destinations

Valentines is just next week so we have come over all romantic and thought we would do a little guide to some of the best spots for that big date night. But wait – these aren’t your typical dimmed bistro with a candle in a bottle, oh no, this is the guide to something a little bit different that will really get the conversation started and make for a great night.

Single and happy? Well still read on as these are all great places to head to with friends and family. Think Valentines is cynical and commercial. Very possibly, but what is wrong with an excuse to share the love? Bookmark this blog still and find somewhere great for when you do want to up the date game.

Make the romance sizzle

The Firepit is tucked away on West Street and is well worth discovering. Have the best cut steaks brought to your table and cook them to your liking on the hot stone slab. It will quite literally create some sizzle between you and your date! When the heat dies down, what better then a cocktail upstairs in their cocktail lounge?

Twelve Princes Street is just the right amount of style and intimacy and the food is second to none. Let Paolo serve up one of his stunning taster menus. With dishes bordering on art, it is the perfect shared experience as the East meets West fusion dishes keep coming, all followed luxurious dessert wines

In is the new out

Don’t fancy heading out? No babysitter? Order in with the newly launched Just Wings. There is a mouth watering array of flavours to choose from, ranging from the mild but sensational garlic & parmesan to the red hot Ragin’ Cajun and Buffalo 911. They all arrive beautifully packaged in American style boxes so no dishes needed and finger food + date night is a recipe for romance.

If you usually go Chinese why not raise the game and order from Samsara Jack? Their authentic Thai dishes are restaurant quality and absolutely sublime.

Make music

Who says a Valentines date needs to be about food? If like us you love live music then you are spoilt for choice with The Chop House and the Fox & Goose. The former has Skinny Lizard performing a live set this Saturday if you want a pre-Valentines date to rock. If you want something with a little more old school elegance then The Piano Bar is pure class with private booths and a grand white piano to set the tone.

Create the conversation at Bar 45. Music lovers can pour over their vinyls and play your favourites on their record decks. Spark lengthy debates on the best albums of all time and shared musical taste and passions.

First date chills

Just want to grab a quick, relaxed coffee at lunch? Then Cocoa House and their secret garden and hot chocolate shaved from a slab of the good stuff is perfect for a unique setting and a getaway from work and the outside world. The Phoenix Coffee House on Market Street is a lovely intimate setting with art on the walls and doodle chalkboard table for reliving young love and doodling love hearts and “me 4 you 4 eva notes” or play each other at chess!

Is this year’s love going to last?

Maybe matching tattoos is the way to go this year? Ebb & Flow or Market Quarter tattoos could do the honours with two pieces of beautiful matching art* (*Please ensure this is a fully thought through decision and not done after copious amounts of alcohol in a fit of romance)

Sample the goods

Just drinks is always a great informal choice and sampling different flavours is bound to be a great way to create a talking point. Tap & Bottles or the Bottle Room are not only intimate and relaxed there is so many beers things will just keep flowing. Likewise, Remedy’s friendly staff are always around to help you choose new gin flavour combinations. The Fig Bistro also now serves up free bar taster dishes with drinks early week giving a round of drinks a perfect, relaxed continental feel.

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