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Self care, lockdown and how Southport Indies are here to help

Updated: Apr 16

With the recent announcement of the lockdown potentially lasting until mid-May, it is important to make sure we keep looking after our physical and mental well being.

Many of us will be worrying about how forced solitude will be effecting our families anxiety (or the opposite and being trapped with small children 24/7). But we know that our diet and well-being are crucial to keeping calm and mentally positive enough to get us to the light at the end of this tunnel (and there will be one soon).

With that in mind, the brilliant and imaginative independent business owners in Southport have been doing their very best to come up with ideas to help you or to continue getting well-being products to you throughout it all.

Find out more in our guide to a little self-care below.

Keep sparkling

Both Beauty Beyond Belief are Dorothy Mae Salon have been sharing some great beauty tips and advice including Dorothy Mae’s homemade sugar scrub.

BBB are also making deliveries of Dermalogica products, based on clients needs and sharing some excellent advice too. Call them on 07874 300565 for advice.

Thinking Forward

To give yourself, a friend or loved one something to look forward to when life becomes normal, why not invest in a gift voucher or plan that ultimate spa day and pamper? It has the double plus of helping pay it forward and financially supporting small businesses while footfall is understandably low plus you also get an extra special treat at the end of this!

Lavender House Spa is not only filling their feed with beauty tips and product recommendations, but they too have gift vouchers available to buy. If you are struggling to come up with a present for someone from afar this may just be the perfect idea. You can get hold of them here: https://gift-cards.phorest.com/salons/lavenderhouse

Portland Hall Spa is offering a Freedom Spa Package – a day of peace and indulgence away finally from the kids. Bring a friend and switch off with two twenty-minute treatments including a facial and stone massage. Top this off with lunch and drinks as you catch up again.

This day of luxury costs just £30pp (£60 for two) and available to buy now and book your slot later. Find out more and book here: https://portlandhallspa.com/product/freedom-spa-package

Keeping healthy

Market Street’s Natures Remedies are also here to keep you healthy with a wide range of herbal medicines, supplements and teas. With treats like organic Aloe Vera sun cream for afternoons in your garden, or essential oil-based sanitisers to keep your hands clean whilst in good condition. Packed with natural supplements to ensure you don’t lose vitamins when you stay indoors, they have it all.

Call them on – 01704 545666 and they can guide you to the best products and will deliver free on orders over £15.

If you are looking for something alternative, Good Vibes Café are taking orders for their CBD oil and CBD coffee blend plus a range of other related products.

Find the full range here: https://goodlivescbdcafe.co.uk/shop/

Birkdale Health Shop are also delivering locally via Birkdale Village’s knock and drop service 01704 564353

A bit of balance and calm

Three of our favourite Indies are all offering online yoga, pilates and reiki sessions. Follow the Dairy Holistic Hub for distance reiki and online yoga - they are offering free half hour lunchtime yoga - contact Sharon on 07774 470334 for detail

Wonderful you Yoga is also offering a range of online classes for all levels, so if you are missing your regular sessions or think this is a good time to try yoga for the first time, please visit their feed on Facebook.

For pilates enthusiasts, your go-to independent business is Pilates Works. They too have a range of online classes, catering for every age and experience level. As one of our indie heroes, they are offering free online classes for NHS workers – head over to their socials and message for more info.

Wesley Street’s Anya, owner of The Chrystalline is continuing to offer energy healing through crystals, reiki and meditation supported by crystal readings on her Instagram account. Anya also offers soothing words of advice and wisdom on her video feeds that are well worth a listen for some thought-provoking perspective and just simply for their soothing qualities.

Stimulate the mind

In an age of mindfulness, there are some great indies to following the social sphere.

The Art House has been providing us with daily art inspiration throughout this lockdown and their Instagram is definitely worth a follow; whether it be to simply make sure your feed is full of colour and positivity, helping you appreciate the beauty in confined quarters or to give yourself some inspiration to be creative.

Nothing beats an old fashioned jigsaw puzzle to absorb the time. Colin at Mind Games has a huge range online. Choose from large scale puzzles that will keep your mind busy for days, or one for the family to enjoy together. Mind Games will get it posted out to you quickly.

Broadhurst's and Parkinson's bookshops have both kept their feeds full of author's quotes and inspiration on classic books to read and Quicksilver music have had us searching out classic albums again.

Eat Well

Roberto's Italian continue to share some great recipes for inspiration to keep us cooking good delicious food and Eat with Purpose are offering online nutritional coaching - contact rob@eatwithpurpose.co.uk for support on eating right as you keep fit.

Eating organic has huge health benefits and Om Nom Zero Waste are now offering home delivery on a everything from pasta, rice, seeds, dried fruit, teas and so much more. Minimum order is £5 with no additional charge. Call 01704 512 134 for orders.

All these #SouthportIndies and more are still here, helping us however they can. They need your support to survive this though. If you can order a product from them rather then a large national site, please do. If you can enjoy their online classes rather then a random YouTube search, they would love to see you there. Even if nothing more, follow them, feel the positivity they continue to send out, like share and love their posts and remember them when they open their doors to you again.

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